The Beautiful Island of Ibiza, with its clean air and warm Mediterranean climate gives us the
opportunity to live healthy and happy lives, which we are able to bring into the kitchen.

LoveBitesIbiza, Vegetarian & Vegan catering is not just about food. It is cooking with love and
enthusiasm for natural products provided by the island combined with instinct and flare to create
nutritious, delicious meals and delicacies.

Two long-time friends, Adelina & Wendy, each with a wealth of experience in Vegetarian & Vegan culinary
began this cottage industry with the view to only using seasonal, organic ingredients from our gardens,
accompanied by other local produce to ensure that every bite is a fresh nutritional experience.

We Cater for small groups to large parties and are particularly popular with Yoga and Pilates clubs.
In addition to traditional meals our services extend to BBQs, Brunches, Buffets, Picnic Hampers
and Special dietary needs such as Gluten free & Diabetic.

Tuition in the preparation of all of our meals is available upon request.

Several Luxury Villas with pools are at our disposal, all of which are suitable for the above activities.

For more information about our menus, please go to The Menus page
or for enquiries please use the Contact us page.

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Sample Brunch Menu

Gazpacho, Pâtés, Hummus
Tahini, Beetroot, Seaweed
Vegetable Pastries, Crackers
Various Crudités
Spinach Tofu Quiche
Tossed green Salad
Tomato Chilli Sauce
Sweet Breads, Carrot Cake
Banana Soya Milkshake

Please see full details in
The Menus

Sample Dinner Menu

Soup, Cauliflower Parmesan
Almond Stuffed Marrows
Green Salad with Quinoa &
Toasted Seeds
Wild Mushroom Lasagne
Fresh Fruit Salad

Please see full details in
The Menus